AK Booster Pro Software Finds The Golden Niches With Hungry Buyers

AK Booster Pro is faster, more reliable, cheaper and easier to use than competing product. AK Booster Pro focuses on the important task, so you can crank out kindle books in profitable niches, outrank your competitors and make more money. With AK Booster Pro, you don’t have to worry about that. It uses the secret “m-code” algorithm to find the most popular niches with hungry buyers that have zero or low competition. Plus, it also promotes your books to other Kindle directories and also finds you qualified Kindle reviewers to boost your rankings. This software eliminates all the hard, guess work and gives you something that can automate everything for you from niche research to getting reviews and traffic. AK Booster Pro can help you almost effortlessly find hot niches and promote your books. If you’re not using it, you’re wasting your time and effort.

AK Booster Pro Software Multi License Free Download By Ben Murray

AK Booster Pro can automate everything for you

  • Makes you into a book promotion ninja by helping you get tons of free traffic and reviews from qualified users.
  • Tells you exactly which niches and keywords to go far and which ones to avoid.
  • Cuts down your market research time by as much as 95% giving you more time to focus on areas of your business that require your attention.
  • AK Booster Pro cuts the guess work and gives you something to work on that will bring results. The software uses a secret “m-code” algorithm formulated to find hungry buyer niches and score them.

Here’s what AK Booster Pro will do for you :

  • Find quality, niche reviewers for your book from Amazon, Goodreads, and Facebook.
  • Find profitable niches with exact competition and demand scores from data just from Amazon.
  • Finds exact keywords that will skyrocket your fiction/nonfiction book in Amazon’s search engine and much more!
  • Submits your book to the best free/paid promotional sites including top Facebook groups.

AK Booster Pro as compared to other solutions in market

  • Can find reviewers amazon goodreads and facebook.
  • Can find reviewers for your book.
  • Can submit your book to the leading facebook groups that are open to join.
  • Can submit your book to the leading advertising sites for free downloads and promotions.
  • Has easy to understand red, yellow and green indicators for fast use.
  • Can find specific competition, demand, and overall scores for any keyword in amazon.
  • Can find kindle’s leading indicators and show potential niches no one has written about yet.

AK Booster Pro works for both, fiction and non-fiction niches. The software does not rely on Google trends or other such services. It shows data from Amazon directly. This is a one-stop solution for Kindle market research that has been designed to cut users average research time by 95% and automatically list out all the popular and easy to rank niches in Kindle that can easily be dominated.

Rating: (5/5 Stars)