Azon Authority Create REAL Income Streams From Amazon AUTOPILOT!

Azon authority created by Sean Donahoe. This is unique system to create real income streams from amazon on autopilot!. You can create a powerful wordpress ecommerce store in under an hour. This system designed very easy to use you can be up and running with your first store in under an hour. You can finally build a real business and focus on your profits…and this system fully SEO optimized for maximum rankings.

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Product Features :

  • Fully SEO Optimized For Maximum Rankings, Everything is designed for maximum rankings and a system that Google loves. We focus on user experience, value and everything else the search engines DEMAND for top rankings and reward you with floods of targeted traffic…
  • Unlimited Free & Automated Retargeting, Yes it’s true. Amazon’s marketing might is behind you. With our Azon Authority engine, Amazon automatically retargets your customers at ZERO cost to you to maximize your conversions and commissions…
  • Create Your Firts Store In Under an Hour, We designed our system to be easy to use. With the high-power training we give you, you can be up and running with your first store in under an hour. You can finally build a real business and focus on your profits…
  • 90 Days Of Profits From Every Store Visitor, With our direct integration of Amazon’s cart system, you get a full 90 days to convert that customer. Plus with every page view we drop an affiliate cookie… And if they buy direct from Amazon, you get paid!
  • Full Function aCommerce Store, Our system allows you to to create REAL e-commerce stores that have all the features you would expect. With search filters, add-to-cart functionality, and every feature a customer would demand from a store…
  • Tap Into 256+ Million Products Now, With the marketing and e-commerce behemoth of Amazon’s massive inventory,you can create any type of store you like. From micro-niche stores to full e-commerce monsters,you can be a Azon Rockstar!
  • No External Affiliate Links Needed, The search engines hate affiliate sites. So, our unique system creates a true authority experience for the customer. By focusing on the user experience, the search engines LOVE these stores and rank them…
  • Exclusive “Smartcart” Amazon Technology, Our UNIQUE cart technology allows customers to add Amazon products to their cart LIVE from your site and then on checkout, we add them to their Amazon cart for final checkout and you get paid…

Product Benefits :

  • Built-In Amazon Keyword Research Engine
  • 100% SEO Optimized for MAX Ranking
  • Full Campaign Management with SmartSync Technology That Keeps Your Store FRESH
  • Tap Into International Markets with Automatic Translation of Your Store into 92 Languages
  • Instantly Tap into Over 256+ Million In-Demand Products That All Pay You a Commission
  • Easily Find the BEST Products for Your Store at the BEST Prices with Direct Hook in to the Amazon API
  • Every Single Product Page is Designed for Maximum Conversions… And Maximum Profit!
  • Unlimited Automated FREE Retargeting Campaigns to Boost Profits… and 90 Day Affiliate Cookies
  • Works on ANY WordPress Site and Theme
  • Integrated Amazon Discount Deal Hunter
  • Automated Global Geo-Targeting Opens Up the WORLD For E-Commerce Domination…
  • Get Real-Time Stats for Your Store and See At-a-Glance Summaries of Your Store’s Success…

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