Clipmagix Software Create Mesmerizing Images Gets You More Sales

ClipMagix creates breathtaking content that effortlessly gets attention like never before, empowering your social media profiles, videos, banner ads, websites, blogs and your e-mails. Clipmagix gets you the attention you deserve because your content is transformed and becomes more addictive, entertaining and quite awe inspiring. Every Clipmagix post will automatically build your backlinks so you get on google’s search engine for even more free organic traffic. Clipmagix significantly boost your reach with a whole new level of engagement like never before. It gives life to your content, unlike pictures, images and video. It captures and hold your customersfor longer, giving you more opportunities to make more sales.

Clipmagix Software Instant Download Pro License By Brett Ingram

Here’s everything you get with ClipsMagix :

  • Create animated images like Chinemagraphs.
  • Choose & add from multiple CTA button.
  • Tons of animation effects included.
  • Elegant editors with text, images, logo, links and CTA.
  • Publishing To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • 100 Clipmagix HD Videos.
  • Amazing Filtering and Special Effects.

ClipMagix Creates Breathtakingly Stunning Content That Guarantees Autopilot Viral Traffic & Sales

  • Step #1: Select any YouTube video, add your own or one from the library directly inside the dashboard. zero design, video or technical skills required.
  • Step #2: Instantly trim and highlight the area of the clip for mouth-watering motion effects in a few clicks; add elements + your call to action and hit go.
  • Step #3: Your Clipmagix ‘transformed’ content is ready to get you extraordinary attention, engages visitors like never before so that you can get results with content you simply cannot ignore.

ClipMagix gives you the ability to add multiple headlines, website link and call to actions so you can send visitors to any website on your choice. You can super-charge your results by broadcasting your ClipMagix to millions of users worldwide and win customers over your competitors so they buy only from you, with confidence. You can also download your Clipmagix and use them on your blog, website, banners or emails without resorting to 3rd party tools for complete peace-of-mind.