Content Siphon Software Generates Engaging Relevant Content Non Stop!

Content Siphon is the most awesome content curation tool. This is a must have for everyone that want to dominate content marketing. Content Siphon is a wordpress plugin so you will need wordpress to use it. With Content Siphon you can create fresh and relevant content for any topic or niche, which you can use on your blog, social media profile or just about anywhere. You can curate content from reputable sites such as Google Plus, Webhose Blogs, Bloomberg,Buzzfeed,CNN,ESPN Fox News, Google News, National Geograhic. Content Siphon is for ANY online marketer who wants to create relevant content and authority to your followers in any niche as well as enjoy a steady stream of targeted traffic and sales. It’s perfect for any marketer who wants to build trust in their content and social media marketing, without spending their entire day doing all manually.

Content Siphon Pro License Instant Download By OJ James

With Content Siphon you can creates viral content with drag and drop ease

  • Instantly Gets Unlimited Fresh Content 24/7.
  • Drag and Drop Content Builder For Easy Use.
  • Build Authority and Social Following In Any Niche.
  • Generate Traffic for more leads and sales.
  • Get more backlinks, social shares and Traffic.

Content Siphon is 100% newbie friendly and it takes just 3 simple steps to get results

  • Step #1: Curate, Activate, Enter Keyword To Siphon and Create Relevant Content For Your Audience.
  • Step #2: Publish, Automates and Publish Fresh & Engaging Traffic Generating Content To Your Blogs and Social Media Following.
  • Step #3: Profit From Your Content Like A Pro.

Content Siphon Is The Ultimate Content Curation Tool

  • Speedy Curation, With Content Siphon you can curated content for your review in under 15 seconds, browse hundreds of sources to find and build the most viral content for you blog or fanpage.
  • Multiple Curation Sources, Instant access to several of the biggest content hubs online with unlimited content in any niche.
  • Drag & Drop Functionality, Drag & drop post builder, you can build each individual post with total ease. The visual editor is the most intuitive on the market and easiest to use.
  • 100% Copyright Safe Content, Inbuilt protection & image licensing so that you are 100% protected when curating from trusted sources.

Content Siphon is a powerful and easy to use wordpress plugin for finding and creating content for your blogs and social media use. It feature rich with drag & drop interface, curate from multiple sources, builtin-spinner and much more.