Curation Hero Automatic Content Ready For Viral Traffic

Curation hero created by Neil Napier. This is a wordpress plugin giving you SEO friendly content for unlimited blogs, facebook fan pages in minutes!. This plugin very easy to use and can help you get great content with ease.This plugin giving you content fast, and saves hours of time that you would otherwise spend on creating something useful!, you can access to multiple sources like google blogs, google news and twitter makes for varied and vast resources.

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Product Features :

  • Expand full article with auto sectioning for content, images, videos, etc
  • Full Google Images option: file type, usage rights, size, type of image (include animated images), and colourization.
  • Add or Remove Featured Image
  • Easily Add content with single click no need to select, copy & paste
  • Edit existing post or page for curation
  • Curate Articles from Google News
  • Curate Images from Google Images
  • Curate Social from Twitter
  • Curate Images from Flickr
  • Curate Articles from Google Blogs
  • Curate Videos from Youtube with order by option
  • Visual Curation with Integrated Post Editor
  • User Friendly with fully interactive experience (without browser reload/ajax)
  • Easy Drag & Drop
  • Expand with single click add button no need to select, copy & paste
  • Show/hide readmore for curation source link
  • Autopost to Social Network Facebook, Manage as many accounts as you want
  • Able to save new content as post or page
  • Autopost to Facebook supports text or image or attached link with video support
  • Scheduler for future scheduled page/post
  • Auto post to Social Network: WordPress based blog. Manage as many account as you want
  • More than 15 beautiful themes fully integrated with all backend sections

Product Benefits :

  • 100% Copyright Safe Content, Inbuilt protection & image lisensing so that you are 100% protected when curating from trusted sources
  • Multiple Curation Sources, Instant access to 10 of the biggest content hubs online with UNLIMITED content in ANY niche
  • Become Authority Hub In Any Niche, Instantly become the go-to authority in an niche at all by curating content already readily available
  • Drag & Drop Functionality, Drag & drop post builder, you can build each individual post with total ease. The visual editor is the most intuitive on the market and easiest to use
  • Save On Your Content Costs, You never have to spend another dollar on content as with Curation Hero you have UNLIMITED content at your fingertips
  • Speedy Curation, Curated content for your review in under 15 seconds, browse hundreds of sources to find and build the most viral content for you blog or fanpage
  • Total Time Saver, Never waste another minute writing long winded articles and trying to think of what to write. now you can curate the best of whats already on the web & reap the traffic benefits
  • Create RAVING Fans In Any Niche, Auto post your content directly onto your fanpage for more fresh trending topics and niche information.

Curation hero powerful plugin and best choice for you to make your content ready for viral traffic!