Geo Target Powerful Software To Create Profitable Campaigns

Geo target created by Neil Napier. This is new web based geo location software to create profitable campaigns and geo targeted messages. This is effective marketing way used by businesses around the world to run campaigns promoting their websites, facebook ads, fan pages, cpa offers, sales pages, opt-in pages and messages to specific locations that they choose to target. With this software you can easily and quickly redirect people to other pages instantly based on their country, and skyrocket your conversions with an intelligent geo location technology that geo optimizes your website for more sales

Geo Target Software FREE DOWNLOAD By Neil Napier

Product Benefits :

  • Instant Creation Process Gives You Control
  • Create Personalized Marketing On ANY Page You Own
  • New never-before-seen technology
  • Geo Target Images, Text And More…
  • Send People ANYWHERE You Want Based On Their Location

Product Features :

  • You will have the ability to create up to 50 Geo Target image campaign, snippet campaigns and GeoRedirect image campaigns.
  • Create Geo Targeting ads, images, voices and text blocks
  • You can easily and quickly redirect poeple to other pages instantly based on their country
  • This software works with WordPress, SocialMobi Hotsites, WP Profit Builder, OneLinks and lead pages.
  • Create High converting location based messages, location based redirects and location based Ads.
  • You can put the created any kind of marketing campaigns on your Dacebook Fan pages, site and also your own mobile sites so that you can increase the number of your targeted traffic.
  • This software works on any device such as your desktop, iPad and Mobile

This is a powerful software you can create profitable campaigns and skyrocket your conversions.