Headline Zen Automate Headline Optimization Plugin

Headline zen created by Marius Price. This is top  wordpress plugin to automate headline optimization in 3 minutes increase your traffic by up to 20%. This wordpress plugin allows you to create multiple headlines and then test which headline gets the BEST result. This plugin brings the power of Headline Optimization to the finger tips of internet marketers just like you. Giving you tools that multi-million dollar publisher use for a fraction of the cost.

Headline Zen WordPress Plugin Review Create By Marius Price

Headline Zen Powerful Headline Optimization In 3 Easy-To-Follow Steps :

  • Step #1 : Write as many title as you can possibly think of into our AUTOMATIC title optimizer.
  • Step #2 : Different titles are shown to visitors when they share your page with others.
  • Step #3 : Over time the best performing headline is automatically selected and shown across your network.

Product Features :

  • Add, Publish and Wait – Simply add multiple headlines to your post, publish your post and wait as HeadlineZen does the rest of the work for you. No need to go back and check it, choose a winner or monitor your stats. Healine Zen will automatically show the winning headline more and more.
  • Constantly Learning Artifical Intelligence – Utilizing advanced mathematical formulas and programming luanguage the HeadlineZen artifical intelligence engine is constantly learning. Each and every post that you use HeadlineZen on will always be testing improve the headline click through rates to drive more traffic – even on old posts.
  • Google Friendly – There’s no need to worry about whether Google will spank your site for using the plugin, We’ve made it 100% Google and SEO safe so you can drive more traffic and STILL get amazing rangking in the SERP’s.
  • Real Live Analytics – There’s no need to manually track click through rates or set up complicated split tests or taguchi tests. HeadlineZen means that you can easily test headlines from a single interface and see a dashboard of results INSTANTLY.

Headline zen is top wordpress plugin to automate headline optimization in 3 minutes and increase your traffic by up to 20%.