Kindle Samurai Sell Thousands Of Kindle Books On Autopilot

Kindle samurai created by Ariel Sanders. This is seo kindle software, with this software you can sell thousands of kindle books on autopilot with organic amazon traffic. You’ll have everything you need to optimize your books for maximum organic profits with kindle self-publishing guaranteed!

Kindle Samurai Software Review By Ariel Sanders

Product Features :

  • Get the total number of books that currently show up in Amazon’s search for the keyword that you are analyzing. This is fantastic information for trying to gauge competition and saturation.
  • How many books have the keyword in the title in the first page. As you may already know putting the keyword in the title will help you rank on the first page in Amazon (just like SEO with Google). If you find a bunch of books without the keyword in the title, then you just found a goldmine.
  • You will also be able to find out if your competition, in the page one, is putting their keyword in the description. Again, if your competition isn’t using the keyword then there is a massive hole for you to fill
  • The highest and lowest Kindle rangking of the books on the first page. Want to know how hot a keyword is? What it’s money making potential migh be? These two number are going to tell you everything you need to know.
  • How many reviews your competitors on the first page are getting. Amazon takes into account the reviews books have in part of their rangking algorithm. This is really crucial data to know before jumping into a market and trying to rank on the front page for the keyword you are analyzing.
  • The average price of the books on the front page. This is helpful information for knowing what to price your titles. This also a great way to undercut your competitors.
  • Conclusive Analysis. Kindle Samurai has a built in analyzer that uses parameters that we have set out to draw a conclusion for you as to the profitability of the keyword that you have analyzed and tells you the level of difficulty they have to rank on the firs page. This makes choosing keywords brain-dead simple Let the software do all the work for you.

Kindle Samurai is powerful seo kindle software you can sell  thousands of kindle books on autopilot with organic traffic. You can download this product click instant access button below!