List Janitor Protect Your Sender Reputation With This List Cleaning Hack

List Janitor is a point and click happy system to clean and manage your list. With List Janitor you can clean your list from any source and either successfully import it into your autoresponder, or mail using SMTP services. List Janitor cleans all bad and inactive emails off your list, gets you high deliverability, high subscriptions and responses. It removes all the invalid emails, duplicate emails, role email addresses, domains that are not valid and even verifies each email individually to give you a clean, sanitized lists that autoresponders can import. With List Janitor you’ll be able to maintain squeaky clean, shining, well-oiled lists that are segmented and respond extremely well to your emails all at a small one-time cost. This tool is as important in your toolset as your autoresponder. A must-have to unlock the true potential of your email marketing.

List Janitor Software Pro Instant Download By Cyril Gupta

List Janitor is the most powerful Desktop Based Software, This puts your list marketing profits on steroids

With List Janitor you can cleans and manages your list in few easy clicks

  • Import any list and clean it in a matter of seconds.
  • Works with CSVs or simple list of email addresses.
  • List Janitor’s interface is available in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
  • Removes invalid addresses, role addresses, spam-traps etc. from your lists.
  • Powerful list management and segmentation features that will help you create sub-lists targeting specific user groups.
  • Advanced list management and analysis features help you get the most from your list.

List Janitor is the most powerful list cleaning and management tool that gets you a higher open rate, boosts your email deliverabilty, reduces your email costing and gets you 250% more ROI on email marketing. List Janitor is a powerful desktop software that helps you clean your list on your desktop computer itself. No more do you have to pay a hefty fees to get your list cleaned, cough up a monthly recurring fee. Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want at a small one time investment that is going to give you value for money over and over again!. Now with List Janitor you can clean your list on your desktop computer without paying a costly list-cleaning service.