MSGLeads Double Your Marketing Power & Boost Your Facebook Profits

MSGLeads automatically syncs your Facebook pages to any targeted email list and build Facebook messenger leads at the exact same time. The web based software MSGLeads integrates with any FB page and autoresponders or third party messenger or bot software that you may own. MSGLeads bridges the gap between Facebook marketing and email marketing by allowing you to sync email leads to any email list, directly inside of Facebook. This new technology not only generates leads on autopilot but also gives you two ways of contacting them that is by Facebook Messenger and email. MSGLeads 100% Facebook compliant wihtout any export or import or any coding required. It simply converts your Facebook page into email leads and automatically syncs without entering email address.

MSGLeads Software Unlimited Instant Download By Brad Stephens

With MSGLeads you can generate email and Facebook leads 100% Handsfree!

  • Select your auto-responder you want to sync your messenger leads to.
  • MSGLeads collect email leads automatically.
  • Now they authorize the Facebook process and your email address is automatically synced with one click.
  • Last, reach your leads either by sending broadcasts to your FB messenger list or by email list.

MSGLeads converts your FB Page into email leads without entering email address

  • It adds any Facebook page to sync your generated leads into any chosen email list.
  • It creates custom one-click lead generation campaigns.
  • It integrates with all major autoresponders.
  • MSGLeads allows you to custom email list campaigns directly inside of Facebook.
  • It focuses on the email lead generation process and therefore allows you to integrate with any third-party Facebook.
  • It turns every Facebook prospect into a lifetime lead.
  • It automatically syncs your FB page into email leads.
  • It reaches out thousands of prospects daily on email and the Facebook platform.
  • With MSGLeads you can collects leads inside of Facebook without even entering your email address.
  • It syncs 100% verified emails automatically.
  • It builds trust, loyalty and engagement with personal one on one automated interaction and reap the profitable rewards.

The best part MSGLeads 100% Facebook compliant wihtout any export or import or any coding required. MSGLeads is not a Facebook messaging app. It’s an independent software that generates the integration necessary for you to run lead generation campaigns inside of the FB messenger. This means you can use MSGLeads with or without any third-party Facebook messenger or bot software and it will allow you to sync email leads directly to your email list from inside of Facebook without your prospect ever having to entire their email address manually.

Rating: (5/5 Stars)