Pitchmaker Create Your Best Performing VSL In Under 30 Seconds!

Pitchmaker lets you build your sales video in seconds. From writing your script to creating great slides this all new tool does it all!. Pitchmaker will let you help drive traffic to anything you like. And all this without you having any idea on how to write copy in the first place. Pitchmaker is a brand new software and training that creates high converting video sales letter, scripts and slides in seconds that triples your clicks, views, conversion rate instantly. Don’t pay for an ad writer or video production team ever again! Put your sales pages, videos and your ads on steroids without any grunt work with this. If you want to turbo-charge your videos for maximum profits without any hassle then Pitchmaker App is what you need.

PitchMaker Software By Alex Costan Full Package Instant Download

PitchMaker super simple to use ALL you got to do is:

  • Step #1: Log into Pitchmaker, and select the type of material you want.
  • Step #2: Select from done-for-you lines and templates.
  • Step #3: Fill in the blanks with product specifications like name, price, etc.
  • Step #4: Select from 30 amazingly designed slide templates and export your VSL in one click.

Here’s what you get with Pitchmaker Software :

  • Over 30 Slide Templates. There are over 30 beautiful slide templates that you can choose from.
  • 300+ Copy and Paste Examples. Pitchmaker is loaded with a ton of options to choose from at each step of the process.
  • Over 50 Voice Actors a collection of professional voice actors that you can hire right from the dashboard.
  • DIY Slide Break. Manually break the copy for perfectly crafted slides and zero editing time.
  • Custom Framework Creation. Create your own pitchmaker frameworks and share them with your clients in one click.
  • 1 click PPT export. Automaticlly export your copy into beautiful power point or keynote slides.
  • Proprietary Step by Step Editor. It makes copywriting easy using a step by step approach that guarantees all your VSLs will convert amazingly well!

PitchMaker helps you create high converting video sales letters in no time so you don’t have to bear those Ad copy writers and video producing expenses again!. Pitchmaker App is a combination of software and training that would allow you to create your best performing video sales letter in less than 30 seconds. It helps you write scripts or create your perfect ad videos which you can release all over and take advantage of videos, Facebook ads and list building.