Push Connect Notify 2017 Edition Leverage 100% Of Your Website Traffic

Push Connect Notify is the powerful, yet simple software that allows you to capture push subscribers all with just a simple pasting of one line of code into your website. Push Connect Notify is the ultimate push notification tool. This incredible tool is making waves and its all because of its powerful, yet simple software that allows you to capture push subscribers without the need for a landing page or coding. Leverage the power of push notifications by reaching your audience even when they aren’t visiting your site!. By taking advantage of this cutting edge technology you will leap ahead of the competition and simultaneously retain more sales in the process. With built in integration with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you can start implementing this technology today with no headaches. If you are serious about bringing a professional, robust notification system to your business, there is no better option than Push Connect Notify.

Push Connect Notify Pro Lifetime Acces Created By Jimmy Kim

Using Push Connect Notify will allow you to :

With Push Connect Notify you can turn website visitors into buyers!

  • Push Connect Notify works the all Major browsers. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (For Mac). These are in-browser built technology.
  • As long you can copy and paste, have some basic knowledge of where code goes, and can follow our step by step instructions, you’ll be good to go! The system is super easy to use and straight forward.
  • Push Connect Notify is 100% web based software and requires no download or installation. You simply log in, create your campaign, and copy and paste that single line of code on your webpage, landing page, blog, or eCommerce store.
  • This software integrated with the major 8 autoresponder services. Get Response, Aweber, Sendlane, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Convert Kit, and iContact. Or place your OWN custom HTML web form!
  • It’ll work on any website, WordPress, blog, eCommerce store, landing page, essentially anywhere that accepts your input of code! We even added bonus of a 1 click WordPress App and 1 step Shopify App to do easy and quick install!
  • it’s all based on browser technology, so the Operating system of your computer does not matter. The Push Connect Notify Members Area is web based, so there is nothing to download either. It’s all done over the web.
  • Push Connect Notify 2017 Edition works with android devices! Being that android is the #1 phone operating system, you’ll be able to reach the majority of users.

Push Connect Notify is powerful yet simple Push Notification Tool that is changing the way marketers talk to their customers. Leverage push notification technologies to acquire subscribers without any landing page or coding.