Simple Audience Software Get Millions of Targeted Buyers In Minutes

SimpleAudience is desktop-based software that can be installed on any Windows or MAC Device. With Simple Audience Software you can collect huge potential targetted buyers every time. Simple Audience works using FB API to collect names, emails, phone numbers, locations, and genders into an audience database in just a few fast and easy steps. By using advanced filtering, the database that is collected is based on interactions from likes, shares, and Comments. So the databases are very targeted to the people who have higher interaction and interest in specific niches on Facebook groups and Fanpages. You are welcome to use SimpleAudience to collect unlimited data provided by Facebook as much as you want. Then you are free to sell the data you gathered from Facebook to your clients for any project.

Simple Audience Software PRO Instant Download By Rully Agus Sumarto

Use SimpleAudience to collecting huge potential targeted buyers every time!

  • You can use your database for your client or company project.
  • You can use simpleaudience to collect unlimited data base from facebook.

With Simple Audience you can generate leads by collecting targeted buyers in 3 steps :

  • Step #1: Collect Your Database: find your most likely consumers from groups, pages and posts.
  • Step #2: Create a Custom Facebook Audience from your potential target consumers.
  • Step #3: Upload your Database. Facebook will match these contacts with Facebook users and create an audience based on those matches. The results from Simple Audience can be used as Targets / Audience by using any kind of promoting method, such as Facebook Ads and Whatsapp Marketing

SimpleAudience Makes Your Promotion more and more Targeted

  • Fanspage finder. Collecting all of the popular fanspages database based on keywords you choose.
  • Finding audience from fans page. Collecting the database of the active user who actually liked, shared and commented on the certain page posts.
  • Finding audience from joined groups. With Simple Audience you can collect the database of the members who actually liked, shared and commented in any group you joined with in one single click.
  • Finding audience from groups. Collecting the database of the members who actually shared, commented and liked either in public and private groups. Even of the secret one.
  • Group finder. Collecting all of the popular groups database based on keyword you choose and then extracting all of their member UID.
  • Post engagement UID finder. Grabbing all of the users UID that made interactions in any of your competitor’s posts. This software targeted including their advertised posts.

No more databases can be hidden from simple audience. This software can easily collect the most likely customers into a database from closed groups and secret groups, including membership groups on Facebook!