SimplyViral Create High Quality Posts To Your FB Pages and Go Viral!

SimplyViral not only works for pages but also your FB groups, with SimplyViral you can create highly engaging FB groups in any niche and turn those in paid subscriptions and more. with SimplyViral you can automate those fan pages and groups without actually posting any crap content on them. With the ability to select and publish only quality content that can actually go viral is very powerful. SimplyViral is the only app that publishes engaging content that gets you more engagement. It lets you create, schedule and publish content from 7 top viral content sites on your Fanpages and FB groups. With SimplyViral you can quickly uncover and publish proven viral content in any niche and start getting insane traffic. You can manage your FB pages and groups by letting you publish popular, engaging and trending content on 100% autopilot and in turn helps you to get huge traffic.

SimplyViral Software Pro Instant Download By Rashvin

SimplyViral finally gives you the power to get targeted free traffic in minutes

  • Without hoping and praying to the universe.
  • Without slaving over SEO.
  • Without creating content over and over.
  • Without secret handshakes or private JV deals.
  • Without blowing money on advertising.

SimplyViral is so simple and easy to use :

  • Simply enter a keyword and you will find the most trending content to post on your Fanpages and groups. SimplyViral lets you choose from 7 different sources of viral traffic to choose your content from.
  • Select the content that suits the most to your niche. You can choose and hand pick the content that suits the most to your niche and add them all in a queue to drip feed to your fanpages and groups.
  • And finally, schedule the viral content you’ve picked and it will be automatically published on your fanpages and groups to get you tons of free viral traffic.

With SimplyViral you can create viral content for your Facebook pages & groups on autopilot!

  • It composes, schedule and post links, images and videos to all your groups and fan pages from one dashboard.
  • It sources content from world’s top 7 viral content websites.
  • It pulls the content from other pages that you follow and like on FB.
  • It manages your groups and search for more groups.
  • It also search, post and schedule most trending content via Google and Youtube trends.
  • SimplyViral includes full editable images and videos and also add filters and text to your posts.

As soon as you fire up SimplyViral you will automatically pull in a bunch of viral posts that will instantly get you insane engagement, exposure and free viral traffic. SimplyViral is a cloud-based app that lets you create, schedule and publish highly engaging and viral content on your Facebook pages and groups on autopilot.

Rating: (4/5 Stars)