Social Jacker No Website Needed Get Unlimited Emails From Facebook

With the power of Social Jacker, you don’t need to spend thousands on paid ads or try to build huge groups or fanpages. You can use the power of Facebook and free content from authority sites to build yourself huge email lists of complete autopilot. Social Jacker is a brand new web app gets you real email leads that are highly targeted without spending a single dime, you’ll start getting fresh email leads from real people automatically. The best part is all these leads are coming directly from Facebook. That means they are active users, 100% real authentic leads. And you’ll not only get their email address. You’ll also get their Name, Age Range, Photo and Gender, so you can personalise your marketing to the right target audience. If you do not have a website no problem. The powerful Social Jacker feature lets you jack or cloak any authority site and create cloaked campaigns so you can use the content from authority sites to build your own list.

Social Jacker WordPress Plugin Instant Download By Ankur Shukla

Here’s how Social Jacker works

  • Step #1: Add a new campaign, Simply create a new campaign, and add a few campaign settings.
  • Step #2: Select your facebook widget layout and design, select the styles etc. You can fully customize the look and feel, create any kind of popup or chatbot appearance that you want.
  • Step #3: Cloak the URL you want to Jack or add to your own website by copying the code. You can add to your wordpress site or your html site or even jack almost any authority website without having to create your own content.

Here’s Exactly What You Get With Social Jacker :

  • Social Jacker allows you to run multiple campaigns from a single account.. you can run upto 50 campaigns and you can run them in parallel to get the most out of our software.
  • You can create regular popups, support chat style interactions, simulated live chats with auto replies. Video popups or anything you want contests, give aways, lead captures endless possibilities.
  • Completely customize the look, feel and design of your facebook widget or popup box that Social Jacker will show on your site or other authority site.
  • Deploy on your own website unlimited pages, unlimited sites. You can add this to unlimited pages of your site or if you have multiple sites then you can use it on all your websites.
  • Instant copy paste and deploy your campaign. Deploying your campaigns is very very easy. Just copy paste 3 lines of code to any of your pages or website and thats it, you are done.
  • Send leads to your facebook messenger. Messenger is massive right now because of its 100% inboxing and more active users, now you can use the power of messenger to communicate with your leads.
  • No autoresponder needed to build your list. This is the best part no expensive autoresponder needed to collect your leads, you can build lists right inside Social Jacker and export into CSV. This software will store unlimited leads for you.

With Social Jacker you can turn website visitors into email leads via Facebook. If you do not have a website no problem, with this software you can jack any authority site and create cloaked campaigns so you can use the content from authority sites to build your own list.