Social Page Analyzer Powerful Tool For Analyzing Facebook Fanpages

You can use the Social Page Analyzer to research other fanpages in your niche and even extract all of the top performing posts from their page!. With Social Page Analyzer you can even analyze your competitor’s fanpage, and see what their page and content is missing, then use the suggested steps in the page score report to increase your own fanpage engagement and crush your competition!. The software also come with a built-in “Page Score Report” tool that provides an in-depth fanpage report. This report gives you 5 separate analysis sections along with powerful suggestions to optimize the fanpage for the best user engagement. With Social Page Analyzer Software you can optimize your own fanpages to crush the competition and boost your online business engagement in no time flat!

Social Page Analyzer Software PRO Instant Download By Dave Guindon

With Social Page Analyzer you can…

  • Analyze thousands of comments for Facebook ad posts.
  • Spy on competitor fanpages, posts, comments, and more.
  • Instantly see a snapshot of how well any fanpage is performing.
  • Uncover the best performing fanpage posts for any given fanpage.
  • Find out exactly what features and content your fanpage needs.
  • Get thousands of fanpages with 27 different metrics.
  • Get thousands of fanpage emails, addresses, and contact information.
  • Uncover new product ideas and product variations using the Word Analyzer.

Social Page Analyzer is powerful tool for analyzing Facebook fanpages

  • You can use Social Page Analyzer to uncover thousands of Facebook fanpages directly from Facebook’s internal database through their marketing API!. Instantly get 27 different metrics for every fanpage on facebook in just seconds!
  • Get Interests for Facebook Ads. Fanpage names can also be “interest keywords” for facebook ad campaigns!. Therefore, Social Page Analyzer integrated a feature that instantly retrieves the audience size for any fanpage names that are included in the facebook interest keyword database via their marketing API.
  • Massive Data. Get all the data you need rating ratio, category, description, about, company overview, mission, products, Page name, audience size, fan count, talking about, fan ratio, star rating, rating count.
  • Get 1000’s of Pages. Use the built-in “Append alphabet” option to get thousands of related fanpages!. Most fanpage research tools will only return 500 pages, but with the Fanpages tool you can generate nearly 10 times more pages!.
  • Page Scores. Generate sophisticated page scores for all pages to get a “REAL” sense of the true page value!. Click the page score link to see the corresponding page score report for any fanpage!.

Social Page Analyzer a 5-in-1 desktop software that works on both Mac and PC for analyzing Facebook pages, fanpage posts, post comments, and a lot more. This software is perfect for any niche, including ecom, seo, affiliate marketing, print-on-demand basically any business that requires a fanpage!.