Social Sales System New App Explode Your Profits Whist Working Less

Social Sales System simple Facebook software app made the first beta testers a drone pilot flight school $71,038.88 profit in Just 6 weeks and built an email list 8,028 pre-qualified leads. Social Sales System is a revolutionary software connects Facebook load ads directly to your email marketing system systems like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Mad MiMi and Get Response. This is where the awesomeness really begins as you can then target these highly qualified leads with pinpoint precision using custom super targeted Facebook ads which are shown only to the contacts on that list. This software app could change the way you do marketing forever.

Social Sales System By Craig Crawford 100% Full Access

Social Sales System Summary :

  • Facebook lead add sync, Which allows you to connect Facebook lead adds directly to your autoresponder. The social sales system software bridges that geo and takes the information submitted through a lead add directly into your autoresponder tool.
  • Facebook Custom audience sync, This feature allows to to create targeted adds in Facebook that shows to a specific custom audience you create. The social sales system software syncs data from your specific autoresponder lists directly to Facebook custom audiences.
  • The piece that brings it all is the methodology, we teach in the workbook and video tutorials plus the bonus email copy to help them convert. It gives them the tools and the knowledge to be successful in lead gen and conversion using Facebook.

The Social Sales System is an application that can :

  • Social Sales System cuts down your abandonment from click to lead by enabling your prospects to opt-in directly on Facebook with just the click of a button.
  • It’s cloud based and works completely in the background. You just log­in, flip a couple of switches and you’re done.
  • Create Automated Income Machines That Work For You 24/7- On Autopilot To Maximise Income.
  • Get New Leads And Buyers For Free With Automatic Referral Sequences.
  • Collect Subscribers Automatically… Automatically Add Them To Your Autoresponder Lists Then Create A Custom Audience That Automatically Exposes Them To Your Targeted Ads 24/7.
  • You Can Set It To “Drip Feed” Your Emails And Retargeting Ads So Prospects Are Totally Exposed To Your Highly Focussed Messages At The Perfect Time In Their Buying Process.
  • Social Sales System helps you to design amazing lead magnets that prospects want to download as well as training to unlock your ‘perfect audience’.
  • The engine of Social Sales System gives you FULL control over where your contacts go so you can gain full control over your marketing messages to them, but the whole process is automated, saving you tons of time and effort.

You have already seen how Social Sales System is going to take the lead losing steps out of your FB advertising, increasing your leads and ROI AND ADD in a proven integrated email selling system completely automated.

Rating: (4/5 Stars)