SociHub Software Reach 4.5 Billion People From One Software Dashboard

SociHub is a brand new Social Media SaaS platform, This enables you to instantly multiply your social reach (and therefore increases free traffic to your offers), while saving you money & time you’d otherwise spend on manual work. With SociHub allow you to take control of 6 of the top Social Media platforms all in one place. Using SociHub free’s you up to do other marketing activities as its the brand new one stop app for marketing to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & YouTube. Build your campaigns on all these different networks, schedule them and then set and forget. Plus using the unique one-click post app, all you have to do is fill in the campaign details once and you can then target all six with one click if you wanted to. So you are saving time, reaching more people, building more leads and making more money.

SociHub Software 100% Full Access Member Area Unlimited

SociHub has many different features that will help you build your social media presence :

  • Post Images, Use images in your posts load them direct into SociHub Software.
  • Facebook Groups, Post into any Facebook groups you manage.
  • Facebook Pages, Post into any Facebook pages you manage.
  • Schedule Poster, Use our schedule poster to schedule your posts, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year in front.
  • One-Click Post, Use our one-click post to instantly upload any post to up to six networks.
  • and much more…

SociHub easy to use & simple to utilise all the networks without leaving any of the top ones out

  • One-Click Posts, Use our simple one-click post feature to instantly set up one article or image post that will deploy across all six networks.
  • Analytics, See how the content that you are posting and sharing is preforming. See retweets, likes comments and much more right from the dashboard.
  • Manage Groups, You can schedule posts to the groups that you manage inside SociHub keeping all those group members engaged with you.
  • Manage Pages, You can manage Facebook pages with the app so you can drip feed content out to your fans keeping them engaged with your pages.
  • Post Video, You can schedule or post video across multiple networks including Facebook and Twitter. You can drip feed your video content across your social networks.
  • Schedule Content, with SociHub software you can set your posts to go direct or you can schedule them for future dates. You can schedule as many posts as you want across multiple networks.
  • YouTube, Control your YouTube videos and upload content using the scheduler. No longer be a manual slave to YouTube, automate your marketing using our API Integration.
  • Facebook, Manage all your Facebook account pages and groups directly from inside the app. Schedule, post and build engagement with your fans.
  • Linkedin, Market and post directly to your Linkedin connections no need to go to the site just post and build up your connections automatically.
  • Pinterest, Post your images to the accounts, groups and boards you manage on Pinterest. You can schedule regular image posts direct.
  • Instagram, Post images to Instagram direct from your desktop no need for a phone. Set and forget your Instagram and build your following.
  • Twitter, Manage multiple Twitter accounts from one account. Tweet directly or schedule your tweets to go out while you are not there.

SociHub is the one stop shop for creating viral traffic from all the top social media platforms, easy to use & simple to utilise all the networks without leaving any of the top ones out. SociHub is an ultimate six-in-one software that allows you to take control of your accounts from 6 leading social sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and even Pinterest.

Rating: (4.5/5 Stars)