TTS Sketch Maker Text-To-Speech HUMAN Sounding Voices

TTS sketch maker software created by Jimmy Mancini. With this software you can easily create amazing whiteboard sketch videos with text-to-speech human sounding voices in minutes!. This is a text to speech whiteboard video software that includes high quality voices (male and female voices included in the software). This software will allow anyone to create high quality whiteboard/sketch videos in minutes. TTS sketch maker it works on MAC and PC! (Adobe Air).

TTS Sketch Maker Software Review By Jimmy Mancini

Product Features & Benefits :

  • Easy to use – We designed the Graphic User Interface to be intuitive, so you can start using the software and start creating your Text To Speech Whiteboard videos in only minutes after getting it. Zero to hero in minutes!
  • You own your videos – There are no restricions on the videos you create, so you can use your videos for anything you want, you can share them, upload them, sell them. Do whatever you want with the videos created with this software!
  • 25 voices included – We included several accents and languages on the software so you can choose your favorite voice when creating your Whiteboard Sketch Videos… MALE & FEMALE voices included in English & Spanish! plus 14 other languages.
  • Save time & money – With this software you can save time and money by creating amazing text to speech videos yourself so you can avoid paying somelse to create your videos or spending money on voice overs.

This software Very Easy To Use :

  • Step #1 : Add images and text – Just add the images included on the software or add your own images or music and then add some text to generate your favorite voice.
  • Step #2 : Click on record – It will mix your images, voice and music to create your whiteboard video, super fast!
  • Step #3 : Enjoy it! – As simple as that! now you can share it, upload it, sell it, do what ever you want with your whiteboard Sketc videos!

TTS sketch maker is TOP software you can create amazing whiteboard sketch videos with text-to-speech HUMAN sounding voices in minutes!.