ViddyGenie Creating Videos For Your Marketing & Traffic Made Easy!

ViddyGenie is only for you if you want to drive more traffic, get more customers, build a bigger list and make massive sales. ViddyGenie is a masterpiece! very impressive to know you can create sleek videos, rank and profit from them with just one piece of software! Without paying for any extra tools. ViddyGenie is 100% cloud based. That means you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. Just login from anywhere in the world and get started. ViddyGenie is for serious marketers, who understand that to make any money online, you can’t ignore the need for a video that is optimized to get you more business, instead of just laughs and tears. It allows you to create and rank videos in under two minutes without any skills required. Of course, you need to know how to point and click.

ViddyGenie Software Instant Download Pro License By Daniel Adetunji

ViddyGenie is the Perfect Tool to get you high Volumes of Traffic and Sales if you are…

  • Social Media Marketer, Videos on Facebook and Instagram help you build huge audiences & increase engagement. Social media audience is always hungry for more engaging visual content.
  • Affiliate Marketer, Emails with videos have proven to convert better. When you mail your list next time, use a link to your stunning video for maximum conversions.
  • Video Marketer, Videos are the best way to go from nobody to somebody today on social media. Position yourself as an expert with beautiful videos.
  • Freelancer, With ViddyGenie you can create amazing videos for your clients and that too…super-fast and charge them whatever price you want. The best part is…they’ll be back soon enough asking for more.

ViddyGenie is packed with amazing Video Creations & Video Ranking Features like…

  • ViddyGenie is powered with an advanced video search engine optimization called link wheel Technology. It automatically builds tiered links for your videos to increase their rankings.
  • Nothing excites social media audience more than live videos. Create a product review video as soon as a product launches and go live on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms to drive more hot traffic to your offer.
  • When you start creating your next video, ViddyGenie gets to works behind-the-scene and generates important information after scouting the net like…keyword estimation and suggestion, competitor analysis, audience retention, backlink creation, description analysis.
  • Automatically share your videos on top social media sites with 1-click. Social media is where the all the traffic is these days. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube etc. are flocked by hot-traffic 24×7. With just 1-click you can now share your videos from right inside the ViddyGenie dashboard.

ViddyGenie is your video marketing manager giving you keen insights on all the aspects of your campaigns. ViddyGenie is only for you if you want to drive more traffic, get more customers, build a bigger list and make massive sales.