Vidmonial Software Get Triple Conversions & Boost Sales Handsfree!

With Vidmonial software you can share your video testimonials in just a few clicks to Facebook and YouTube to rake in free traffic. You can use Vidmonial to boost trust and sales and attract more people who are searching for real, honest reviews. With Vidmonial, you can gather powerful video reviews, text review feedback, and star ratings for your clients, getting paid $100’s per day selling a service that actually helps them and is easy for them to understand. Vidmonial is a revolutionary software that helps increase trust, double conversions, and drive traffic for you and clients handsfree. It’s a cloud platform integrated with brekathrough video technology that fully automates the processes of capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials.

Vidmonial Software Commercial Instant Download By Ben Murray

You can use Vidmonial software to get unlimited video testimonials :

  • Step #1: Incentivise your buyers to leave a review in exchange for an ethical bonus, guide, coupon code, or any other incentive you want to give as a reward for their time.
  • Step #2: Vidmonial walks customers through leaving the review while capturing profile pictures, star ratings, and more. It then, makes it 1-click easy for the user to record their testimonial and submit it. Nothing for your to host or install.
  • Step #3: Once the testimonial is submitted, users will automatically receive their promised incentive for their review. You can also review the testimonial in the Vidmonial portal and easily embed it anywhere you want.
  • Step #4: Syndicate the testimonials you receive around the web for massive traffic and huge brand growth. Yes, in just one click, share your testimonials on Facebook and publish to YouTube for massive traffic.

With Vidmonial you can…

  • Drive “Warmed-Up” Traffic, Syndicate the testimonials to Youtube and Facebook for easy traffic plus download to use in ads campaigns.
  • Create “Set-and-Forget” Testimonial Generating Campaigns, Create campaigns fully hosted with Vidmonial that capture video testimonials and deliver incentives for doing so on 100% autopilot.
  • 10x Conversions and Trust,Increase sales conversions by leveraging the most important asset toward building trust and authenticity today.
  • Sell Commercially and Profit, Every business needs more video testimonials no matter the size, so this is an exciting (and very profitable) opportunity to quickly profit from.
  • Leverage New Cloud Recording Tech, Let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial through campaigns fully hosted by Vidmonial.

Vidmonial takes care of the review getting process so you don’t have to. In a few quick clicks, you’ll create a dedicated review page, ready to collect video testimonials. Vidmonial provides everything you need to collect traffic getting, sales-boosting video testimonials in seconds.