Viral Payment Software (VPS) Smart Software Brings You Viral Traffic

Viral Payment Software (VPS) is a hot new tool that uses the power of a special content locker to get people to share your content. And it’s only the start of its high conversion features. If you don’t have traffic, you won’t have a business for long. Unfortunately, SEO’s become a sucker’s game. All that work to rank your sites can be destroyed by Google overnight. Viral Payment Software (VPS) is a new tool designed to get you VIRAL traffic. Any time you need it (how about right NOW you say?). Well, VPS works by incentivizing your visitors into sharing your content. Get them to share a certain number of times before they can access their gift…which makes your traffic snowball FAST. Viral Payment Software (VPS) makes it EASY for anyone (regardless of experience) to drive highly quality traffic at will!. It has advanced (yet easy to use) features that let you use simple incentives to get people to refer their friends and family to your offers.

Viral Payment Software (VPS) 100% Lifetime Access

Benefits Of Viral Payment Software (VPS) :

  • Viral traffic & list building WITHOUT paid advertising
  • World’s FIRST all-in-one traffic-driving, conversion boosting and CASH collecting software
  • One-click campaigns get OTHERS to sell your products & build your list
  • Buyer psychology meets technology for long term passive profits in ANY niche
  • Allow anyone, regardless of experience, to set up viral traffic & lead generation campaigns in minutes
  • Eliminate COMPLETELY the need for paid advertising
  • Leverage the massive growth of social media to drive profits for online marketers in ANY niche

Features Of Viral Payment Software (VPS) :

  • One-Click VIRAL Traffic, Share a unique link with prospects to unlock the power of viral word-of-mouth advertising to offers of your choice.
  • Conversions On Tap, Leverage powerful exit and time-delayed pop-ups PLUS countdown timers to convert more traffic into leads and sales.
  • Dynamic Lead Generation, See how easy it is to get prospects to build your list FOR you.
  • Buying Triggers Go Hi-Tech, World’s 1st cloud-based content locking system FORCES people to act before they get your incentive – zero access to your content until they take action.
  • Unlimited Versatility, Offer ANY incentive to ANY user on ANY platform. The only limit to building your business is your imagination.
  • Built-In Conversion Activators, Give multiple options to prospects to maximize your leads, sales and referral traffic.
  • Direct PayPal Integration, just enter your PayPal details and ALL payments go directly to your account
  • Set and Forget, create a campaign ONCE and it runs until you turn it off. Any changes you make in the software are AUTOMATICALLY updated on your offer pages
  • Full Tracking & Analytics, scale winning campaigns effortlessly with on-demand stats showing leads and hits per offer
  • Wait To Unlock WITH Timer, require prospects to wait for their incentive, then show them a video or pitch to drive even more sales
  • All Platform Compatibility, from squeeze pages to sales/funnel pages and even eCom stores, the software works with any page builder or platform
  • Any Autoresponder or Webinar Service, collect CONFIRMED optins you can export and upload to any service you’re using
  • 100% Mobile Responsive, leverage the fastest growing section of online traffic with offers that render perfectly on any device, any time

Viral Payment Software (VPS) is an innovative new tool which helps you offer up coupons or other incentives for your visitors to refer their friends and family to your offers. And because people tend to trust the recommendations of their friends, Viral Payment Software (VPS) can bring you more sales. It fully integrates with all autoresponders too…so you can easily offer referral incentives to your email list too. There are also popups, delayed timers, content lockers and more…All included. You can even require visitors to share with a certain number of their friends to receive your coupons. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Rating: (5/5 Stars)